Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Google Translation Tool

On Desember 03,2009, Google has introduce a new translate search tool in the seacrh option panel that makes finding and reading content written in other languages easier. Translated search is great because it helps find information from sites written in other languages. They offered this feature in Google Translate for a while, but now they integrating it fully into Google search, making it easier for you to find and read results from pages across the web, even if they weren't written in a language you speak.

When you search on Google for something in your own language, you can use this tool to search the web in another language. How, just click "Show Options" at the top of the search results page and select "Translated search" to try it out. They algorithmically select the best language(s) to translate your search query into and then return you translated results from those pages and also display results from multiple languages.

For example, if you search for [nasi goreng] while on vacation in Indonesia and want to find more reviews or review sites beyond those that are just available in English, select "Translate search" in the "Show Options" panel. Automatically select Indonesia, translate your query into these languages and then translate the results back into English for you to read. If you’d like to search specific languages, just modify the languages in the panel above the results. You can display results for up to five languages at once and select from 51 languages to search.

This tool will usefull if you traveling to another country which you don't know about looking for like find hotel, restoran, what special food of this area you stay, etc. Searching the global web has never been easier!




Nigeria Flights said...

This is really one of the most effective tool for translation.

Wirawan Laksono said...

The best and the one translation with Indonesian language

Chicago IL Chiropractic said...

I have been using this one for quite a long time now. It is very useful because some searches are not found, but when you used google translate it is much easier to find the exact meaning of the search.

iPhone App Development said...

The new Google tool for translation is the best for translating any particular language. It becomes easy for Internet users to find and translate the content of other language, as it is set in the search option panel of search toolbar. Hope this will be very helpful to all. Thanks.

iPhone App Development said...

Hi blackpulcy, Now i know why Google is popular in the world. From my 100% online activity i use 35% Google translator for supporting purpose. This is really worth to do. Thanks for sharing

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