Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blogging with BlogThis! Chrome Extension

Do you have a blog from and using Google Chrome browser for editing or posting your post? Right now blogger extension is include in the Chrome Extension gallery. The name of this extension is BlogThis! Chrome Extension, one of several hundred extensions to be found in the Chrome  Extension gallery.
Using this extension more easily while you surfing and find good article and want to posting at your blog, just click on the BlogThis! button on your Chrome toolbar and the Blogger editor opens up with a pre-populated link to the web page you were on. If you want to include any text in your post, simply highlight it before clicking on the BlogThis! button. Edit the post as you'd like, and publish it instantly or save it as a draft for future posting.

To try out the BlogThis! Chrome extension, first switch to Google Chrome BETA (if you are not already on that version), and install the BlogThis! extension by clicking on "Extensions" on your browser toolbar or visiting the BlogThis! extension homepage. Note: Extensions are only available for Chrome on the PC and Linux; Extension support on Chrome for Mac is under development.
I’ve got this from Blogger Buzz, posting by Chang Kim, Product Manager, Blogger. If you want to know the latest version about Google Chrome, you can see it at my other blog and download latest version of Google Chrome.



ysfirdaus said...

thank you for sharing the tips brow, although i haven't used google chrome

Anonymous said...

I am already used google chrome, and now more easier for blogging.

rose said...

Well frankly speaking that I had not any idea about this chrome extension.You have described it well.Thank you very much for providing such information to us.

hoodia gordonii

Peter@PSD to HTML said...

I didn't know about the BlogThis extension. Thanks for sharing

Black Pulsy said...

@rose and Peter@PSD to HTML: You're welcome.

iPhone App Development said...

This is something new to me. I seem this the best extension for all blogger users. This will reduce effort as well as time. Let me go for it. Thanks for notification.

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