Thursday, February 11, 2010

Google Buzz

Google introducing about their new application. This application call Google Buzz, the new way to start conversation about the things you find interesting. It's like social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and connect with it from Buzz with Gmail. It's integrated with Gmail and others Google products.

Goggle says there is a five key elements about Google Buzz:
1. Auto following
2. Rich, Fast Sharing experience integrates photos, videos and links
3. Support for public and private sharing
4. In-box integration
5. Just the good stuff

Watch this video below to know more about Google Buzz:

Google Buzz also available for your phone mobile, this much more than just a small screen version of the desktop experience. It claim can be sharing location, posts tagged with geographical information have an extra dimension of context.

Watch video below about Google Buzz on Mobile:

Below this, video about launching Google Buzz on February 10, 2010.

1. Google blog
2. Webpronews



hisoom said...

thank you for following recent buzz.i think google will have a share in social networking

Wirawan Laksono said...

@hisoom: you're welcome.

rose said...

This Google Buzz is very interesting.I have recently used this to share my photographs with my friend.Its really easy and convenient way to share photographs.I think now this is a good competition with other social networking sites.Thanks for this informative post about Google Buzz.

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Chicago IL Chiropractic said...

this is awesome. Google Buzz is like a social site of Google. Yahoo don't have this I believe. I have to try this one, i hope its application have more faster downloading capabalities compare to Facebook and Twitter.

Escort Agency London said...

I have used this Google buzz and it is really good.We can make any update which is visible to anyone on the Internet.Google Buzz has many features and it is like a competition to Twitter.

London Escort Agency said...

Interesting to know about those key elements of Google Buzz.Hey I did not know that Google Buzz is also available for mobile phone.I have already used it and it is really good experience with it.

London Escorts said...

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Oriental Escorts said...

I have buzz on my gmail its a really good tool.

iPhone App Development said...

I am a big fan of Google and like to read everything about Google. I have read about Google Buzz sometime ago nevertheless thank you for giving me a chance to read it once again.

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