Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Journey to Kuningan - West Java with Black Pulsy

December 24, 2009 is biggest event for me. This my first trip to Kuningan West Java using my Black Pulsy motorcycle who companies with my 2 friends riding motorcycle too. Almost 800 km round trip and 20 hours riding this motorcycle. Start from Jakarta at 22.00 WIB through Jonggol - Cianjur - Bandung - Nagrek and take a rest at Jahim village to waiting sunrise through Ciremai mountain and Kuningan City from top of hill.

I saw the most amazing sights from the top of this hill. The weather of Jahim hill so clear but I can not saw Ciremai mountain because black cloud blocked. After the sun began to emerge, we continue again the journey to Kuningan City.

At Kuningan City we go to Sangkanhurip and try hot pool with my friends with condition heavy rain. At December 26, 2009 we prepare to leave Kuningan City to back to home Jakarta. Before we leave, we stop by to saw Museum Linggarjati. This place is used to negotiations between Indonesia and the Netherlands. If you want to know more about Museum Linggarjati, you can search with Google or you can go to website of Kuningan

And this is pictures of my journey to Kuningan City. I hope I can go to this city again, because still lot of place like: Balong Keramat Darmaloka, Curug Sidomba, Gua Maria Fatimah Sawer Rahmat.



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