Saturday, December 5, 2009

Faster browsing with Google Public DNS

If you want have slow connection while accesing a website or blog, you can try this feature from Google, it call Google Public DNS. This feature is free to use as an alternative to current DNS provider.

This feature offering the service to the public in the hope of achieving the following aims:
 ~ Provide end users with an alternative to their current DNS service.
~ Help reduce the load on ISPs' DNS servers.
~ Help make the web faster and more secure.

On your mind, why does DNS matter. As a call DNS (Domain Name System) is an important part of the web's infrastucture,  serving internet's phone book: everytime you visit a website. Complex pages often requier multiple DNS lookups before start loading the website, so your computer may be performing hundreds of lookups a day.

Before using this feature you need to configure and change your DNS ip address to Google Public DNS to:
1. Primary DNS:
2 Secondary DNS:

How to change it? You download this manual or you can go to otakku website (Indonesian language) for change or configured to use Google Public DNS.



iPhone App Development said...

Really Google Publish DNS speeds up my browsing experience as well as improve the security. I thank you for notifying me for this fantastic feature.

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